I did the 24 hour comic challenge last weekend. It was an amazing experience, and I had so much fun doing it and meeting the people. I was primarily to meet up with my Mediocre Militia brother, Barry Linck.

It was great meeting him, and I got a whole lot done. This page here is the first page I completed. Felt only fitting that I should do a journal comic about the whole experience. There are 5 more where this came from, as well as a big ol' splash page that I'll show you guys at the end. I'll be updating this T/Th/F this week, and then M/W/F next week, so look for this shiz.

I did all this in pencil and ink, so if it doesn't look as polished as it usually does, it's because I switched up my technique for the event. It'll be back to regularly scheduled programming after next week! Until then, enjoy the consistent updates full of 24 Hour Comic Challenge goodness!