Oh man was that weekend fun. Holy bajeezus.

And too short.

Pictured here are my friends Riot, and Joey. Click on those links and find some great comic material, as well as some great art in general. We were all there not only as friends, but also as ambassadors of the Mediocre Militia (which you guys should check out). We made alot of friends out there and had a bunch of people returning to the table hours later (or the next day) just to visit us. That's how cool we were.

In more personal news:

I sold a whole bunch of sketches and made some money, all while having a blast drawing. I didn't however, sell very many books. I guess I'll set up a little PayPal thing or something so that maybe you guys can purchase them. Any thoughts on that front? I think I have around 15-20 copies left (I REALLY didn't sell very many), so sound off if you're interested in purchasing one.