Family is cool sometimes. My whole family came up to visit this weekend, and for a family function, we decided to go to a Pittsburhg Pirates game. It was actually pretty great! They WON (which is unheard of, as the Pirates are legendary for sucking), there was good food and good beer, and we were all getting along (for once). Then this douchebag takes my hat off my head and throws it down the stands. It didn't ruin the day, but it put a bit of a damper on my mood for the next few minutes as I decided what to do about it. There were, as I saw it, three options. Beat the ever-loving crap out of this guy with my large cousins backing me up, walk away, or get security on his beligerrent ass. Long story short, he was thrown out of the stadium. It was quite satisfying.

Outside of that, it was a great weekend, and it was great seeing my family. I miss them sometimes.

So I want to throw a special thank you shout-out to the 7 guys that watched my Livestream of this comic! It was super fun, and though I'm not the greatest host, I did appreciate you guys sticking around for the duration. I had a blast, and I'm totally gonna do it as much as I can in the future. For those of you not in the loop, I will make the livestream announcements via twitter. If you don't follow me, go ahead and do so HERE.