So, first off, I really need to thank all the people that came out to see me. I can't tell you how pleased and surprised I was to find out that I actually have real people who read my comic. Even more surprising was that they were willing to come out to see me. It's a humbling and flattering experience to have someone walk up, say 'I love the comic!' and tell me that they read it. Holy crap is that awesome. So, thanks.

The convention itself was fun as hell. I always love doing commissions and sitting at the table with my Mediocre Militia comrades, especially Joey, Zac, and Carly. We talk to people, do commissions, sell books and swag, and generally have a good time. It's usually a foregone conclusion that we'll make a lot of friends at these things. People come back to the table all the time to request additional drawings or talk some more. I'd say it was because we're good looking and successful, but really it's because we genuinely like talking to people and getting new readers. We treat each and every person that comes up to the table as a real person, not a potential customer, and I believe that's what draws people back. So thanks to all of you who didn't read my comic before, but were compelled to check it out because you thought I was cool or whatever. Welcome. Don't leave, please. D:

Anyway, anime conventions are unique in that they never actually close. There is always something happening, even if the Artist Alley or Dealer's Room is closed. Gaming rooms, raves, video screenings, and general hanging out are all options 24 hours a day. All of us took advantage of that fact and saw some really sweet anime (zombies n shiz) and met some really cool people in the process (in the bar). Comic Book conventions don't have that option. When the convention closes, the festivities are over. Everyone goes home to recover, and then returns the next day when it all opens up. Not quite as fun, you know? Anyway, I sold a lot of books and drew a lot of pictures and met a lot of people and it was awesome and sweet and cool and rad and all words that describe something that is a positive experience.

Also, I met Tyson Heese, geeked out for a minute on him (OMG UR COMIC IS SO GOOD I AM BIG FAN GARRGHLEBARGLE), bought a couple books, and hoped to not make a shitty impression. He's a cool motherfucker and is very gracious and personable and I want to thank him for being such a cool dude. If you don't already read his comic, you should, because it's way better than mine.

That's all I can think of right now. Enjoy the beautiful picture up there of me. Try not to fall in love too hard. ;-)